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Hong Kong Workers’ Health Centre Guideline for the Use of Personal Data

Hong Kong Workers’ Health Centre undertakes to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to ensure that personal data kept are accurate and securely kept. To ensure you are well informed of the personal data as collected, please read through this guideline.







There are no translations available.作為上班一族的我們,一定希望能夠每日安全地工作,開心地下班。因此,關注職業健康是一個非常重要的議題,亦是每一位在職人士需要注意的事項。




There are no translations available. 香港夏天的平均氣溫有持續上升的趨勢,2015年夏天便曾錄得自130年來新高的戶外最高氣溫攝氏36.3度,而在過去5年內在工作期間因中暑引發的死亡個案更涉及最少9宗,可見,員工在高溫環境下工作的職業健康安全 (下稱「職安健」) 問題值得我們關注。



香港市民對石棉沉着病的健康意識問卷調查研究報告 2015

There are no translations available.   為更了解本港市民及前線工人對石棉這國際公認的致癌物的危害的認知和態度觀念等情況,香港工人健康中心 (下稱「工健」) 在得到肺塵埃沉着病補償基金委員會的贊助下、特意邀請香港建造業總工會 (下稱「建總」) 一同合作進行是項問卷調查研究,從科學角度了解本港市民及前線建造業工人對石棉及其危害的認知水平,亦讓社會各界能對此情況有更深入認識,藉此提高公眾對這影響深遠的健康議題的關注和提升行內的職業健康水平。


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There are no translations available.     香港工人健康中心獲得國際人類工效學學會(IEA)及國際職業健康委員會(ICOH)授權翻譯及出版《人類工效學指引-職業健康在工業發展中國家的應用》的繁體及簡體中文兩個譯本,同時也獲得國際勞工組織(ILO)授權翻譯及出版《預防工作壓力查核要點》。相關譯本已經在早前推出。



Facilities Charges and Application Form

Please click HERE to download the Details of Hiring Out Facilities Please click HERE to download the Application Form For Booking Hiring-out Facilities.


ohsas 18001 cert  

OHSAS 18001職安健管理系統認證



Our Service


Occupational Health & Safety Service

The Hong Kong Worker's Health Centre always protects workers from occupational injuries and diseases. We have been continuously working hard to eliminate occupational health and safety (OHS) hazards and enhance the front-line employees' participation in OHS Promotion. We have a strong support network made of occupational hygienists, ergonomics professionals, OHS specialists from hospitals, institutions and companies that provide diversified OHS services. In addition, by adopting the "participatory occupational health training" model recommended by the International Labor Organization (ILO), we cooperate with local corporations and organizations to launch different occupational health promotions and related education training programs.



Community & Occupational Rehabilitation Services

Our rehabilitation team is using case management model, to provide one stop services to cater the needs of workers with work injury or occupational diseases in different phases. Our goal is to facilitate workers with work injury or occupational diseases to improve their psychosocial adjustment, so as to reintegrate into the community and return to work, through one-stop rehabilitation case management services.



Mainland prevention consultancy services

Over the past twenty years, China has grown into the world's leading production centre. There are two principal reasons for this development: 1) the effective economic reform policies carried out in Mainland China and the decision of factory owners in Hong Kong relocating their factories to the Mainland and, 2) Rapid development of the world economy and increasing demand for goods from China.    



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