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Occupational Health Activities

POHSI Training & Consultancy Services

The Centre has introduced the "POSITIVE" participatory training model (Participatory OHS Improvements by Local Initiative) advocated by Japanese and International Labor Organization experts to Hong Kong about 10 years ago. In 2005, the Centre expanded its service to Southern Mainland China. Owing to the social economic and cultural differences between Hong Kong and Mainland China, the Centre developed the "POHSI" (Participatory Occupational Health and Safety Improvement) model as an adaptation of the POSITIVE initiative which is more suitable for the implementation in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The "POHSI" service now being used by the Centre has the following major characteristics: improvements made are low-cost and effective, communication and interaction between the management and employees are enhanced, and the active participation of workers is highly encouraged. "POHSI" service also emphasizes post-training follow-ups such as the establishment or re-organization of OHS committees, with the aim of continuously improving OHS in the company.


Workplace Risk Assessment

Occupational hazards like noise, poor air quality, dangerous chemicals and poor ergonomic design, are not uncommon in workplaces in Hong Kong. The design and arrangement of work procedures may also add to the pressures and burdens of workers, and aversely affect their health.

To help organizations identify occupational hazards and make the necessary improvements, the Centre offers a "Workplace Risk Assessment" service in which the Centre's professional team provides both assessment and practical advices for improvement. The aim of this service is to increase work efficiency by reducing occupational injuries and disease.


Occupational Health & Safety Action Research


With the objective of developing an in-depth understanding of the present OHS situation in Hong Kong and there by raising public awareness of relates issues, the Centre not only initiates OHS research regarding various industries, but also cooperates with different organizations to establish a variety of OHS projects. In addition to increasing the effectiveness of the Centre's work in protecting workers' health, results of this research also helps lay the foundation for future OHS education and rehabilitation projects.


Occupational Health & Safety Education Services

We have been continuously working hard to eliminate occupational health and safety (OHS) hazards and enhance the front-line employees' participation in OHS Promotion. We have a strong support network made of occupational hygienists, ergonomics professionals, OHS specialists from hospitals, institutions and companies that provide diversified OHS services. In addition, by adopting the "participatory occupational health training" model recommended by the International Labor Organization (ILO), we cooperate with local corporations and organizations to launch different occupational health promotions and related education training programs.



Good Practice Samples Database