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Mainland prevention consultancy services

service3Over the past twenty years, China has grown into the world's leading production centre. There are two principal reasons for this development: 1) the effective economic reform policies carried out in Mainland China and the decision of factory owners in Hong Kong relocating their factories to the Mainland and, 2) Rapid development of the world economy and increasing demand for goods from China.



Against the background of these developments, the Centre became aware of the increasing OHS risks in Mainland China.Traditional ways of improving OHS rely mainly on managerial personnel and OHS professionals, but ignore the importance and influence of participation by frontline workers. Frontline workers bring a great deal of experience to the process and are familiar with production procedures. Training them to actively participate in improving the working environment is a major component in any effort by enterprises to reduce OHS risks and build up good OHS practices.

It was for this reason that, beginning in 2003, the Centre launched an ambitious to promote POSHI training with working partners in Hong Kong and Mainland China. In order to raise OHS standards in companies over the long-term, POSHI training emphasized the active involvement and management of the OHS reforming process by both management and frontline workers, the enhancement of labor- management communications, and post-training efforts to ensure long-term improvements. This effort on the part of the Centre's professional prevention team of actively promoting OHS development in Hong Kong and southern Mainland China continues today.

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