Hong Kong Workers' Health Centre (HKWHC) is established in 1984 by a group of professionals including doctors, occupational health experts, ergonomics experts, rehabilitation therapists and social workers. The Centre has always made Occupational Health Safety (OHS) protection for local workers central to its vision, and has been working hard to help workers with occupational injuries to return to their jobs and reintegrate into the community.

The vision of HKWHC is "Working for the Protection of Workers' Health". HKWHC started to promote occupational health in early 1980's when many of the workers were still working in factories in Hong Kong. We run community-based OHS promotion programs, factory-based training programs and also provide medical and rehabilitation consultations for workers who were suspected of suffering from occupational health problems. Moreover, we have regular exchanges and collaborations with labour unions and organizations in Hong Kong in OHS policy advocacy, and provide them with professional support and information on OHS issues. Since 2003, the Centre has been engaged in systematic effort to promote occupational health and rehabilitation in southern Mainland China.