Vocational Rehabilitation Retraining Program

Do you need to find a job after work injury? What kind of jobs can you do if doctors and therapists told you to change a job?

The Centre runs a vocational rehabilitation retraining program which is co-organized with the Employee’s Retraining Board (ERB). This program provides retraining sessions for work injury rehabilitees and workers with occupational injury to enhance their confidence and prepare them for returning to work. The program covers area including work life adjustment after work injury, employment related knowledge and job searching skills, etc. Upon completion of the retraining program, the Centre offers a 6-month follow up period to each student in assisting them to obtain suitable jobs and re-integrate into the community.

Our placement officers regularly contact different employers to broarden the employers’ network and explore new employment opportunities for the program students.

Job referrals from employers are very much welcome!